Guardians and Conservators

Helping a loved one with issues related to incapacity can be a person’s greatest challenge.  Incapacity can be short-term or long-term, and can be due to a sudden event, a slow decline, a lifelong disability, or simply by virtue of being a minor child.  Some incapacitated people have properly-executed estate plans that may include a revocable trust, power of attorney, or advance directive.  The attorneys at KG Law Group can help you understand what these documents mean, when and how to use them, and what liabilities you may face if you are named in these documents.

For children or for disabled adults who do not have estate planning documents, court authority may be necessary to help them.  The disabled person may need a guardian to make health care decisions, including whether to place them in assisted living.  The disabled person may also need a conservator to manage their finances and make sure their assets are properly used for their benefit.

While seeking court authority can be stressful, the attorneys at KG Law Group are here to help guide you through the process, translate the legal documents, and compassionately ease the burden many caretakers face.  Contact us so we can help.

Our services include (Oregon and Washington):

  • Guardianships for Minors
  • Guardianships for Disabled Adults
  • Conservatorships for Minors
  • Conservatorships for Disabled Adults
  • Using Powers of Attorney
  • Using Advance Health Care Directives
  • Exploring Less Restrictive Alternatives to Guardianship and Conservatorship
  • Objecting to Guardianships and/or Conservatorships

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