Joel Geelan

Joel Geelan

Joel Geelan

Joel Geelan is a Founding Partner at KG Law Group. He has extensive experience representing clients in all areas of family law, including divorce, custody, parenting time, child and spousal support, high asset division, move-away cases, grandparent and co-parent third party rights, and DHS-involved cases. He has litigated and settled numerous matters in each area of family law. He specializes in resolving cases involving children and complex financial issues, such as valuing and dividing businesses, real estate, investments and retirement accounts.

Joel is an intelligent and diligent advocate for his clients.  He is a litigator and strongly defends his clients’ interest in court.  However, Joel understands the benefits of settlement and, when possible, strives to resolve his clients’ cases to their advantage through mediation, settlement conferences, and detailed written proposals.  From the very beginning of each case, Joel prepares for both settlement and trial, offering his clients different strategies tailored to their unique situation and goals. Joel prides himself in anticipating the arguments and settlement strategies of the opposition, and openly communicates with clients the practical and legal pros and cons of their case so they can ultimately decide how to proceed.  In this way, Joel empowers his clients to take control of their lives.  Those who have worked with Joel describe him as caring, organized, and a zealous advocate.

In addition to his work for adult clients, Joel is regularly appointed by local judges to represent children in complex matters. He is devoted to advocating for children that lack a voice in the legal process.  When he is not working for his clients, you will find Joel on the golf course, riding his road bike, playing basketball, or spending time with his wife and two children on the deck of his floating home. An optimist at heart, Joel’s personal motto is: “Every day is a gift, don’t waste it.”


Joel received a Juris Doctor from Willamette University College of Law, and a Bachelor of Science from Oregon State University, with a major in Engineering.

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